Exploring What Gili Islands Have to Offer

Island life is all about living in huts and lying on a hammock tied to tall coconut trees right beside the ocean. No cars, no tall buildings, no dirty air and certainly no noise other than the sound of the waves; this is all about leaving civilization and escaping to small, isolated islands. This is the experience you can expect when you go to Gili Air, one of the three popular Gili Islands in Indonesia. Compared to the party-scene Gili Trawangan and the survivor-style vibe of Meno, Air is somewhere in the middle without the crowds to allow visitors to have some peace and quiet, but still with enough to offer its guests.

13473960_1094716527218453_2085288654_nThose dreaming of island hopping will find the Gili Islands perfect, with its three larger but still walk-able islands and the tiny other ones perfect for diving or snorkeling enthusiasts. Not only the coral reefs and the exotic sea creatures are worth seeing, but also the white sand beach that surrounds these little spots of heaven on earth.

Gili Trawangan being the biggest and the best example of a beach party island, visitors can expect to see a bit more life and meet interesting people. On the other hand, Gili Meno is purposely underdeveloped to allow those who truly want to turn their back on civilization to live as close to nature as possible.

The island that is closest to the main island Lombok is Gili Air, which is becoming more and more developed with new cottages and accommodation options opening up, as well as dive centers for those who want to escape Trawangan’s busier ones. There is also a bit of nightlife developing on this island, offering visitors a chance to grab a beer and dance on the beach at night.

Another activity gaining reputation in Air is surfing. With its decent waves, surfers can take a ride or two. Tourists wanting to experience the charms of these three different but unique islands can easily plan their trips with their Gili islands hotels.

With the views of clear blue water stretching as far as the eye can see, the white sand that glitters under the tropical sun, and the daily perfect summer days, it is easy to feel that one is truly in paradise. First time visitors and city dwellers might find it hard to believe that such places exist. But they do, with Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan being among those you should definitely visit in your lifetime!

Leaving the city\s busy life and sail away to some stunning islands is considerably a once in a lifetime experience. So, why not go for Gili islands adventure.

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