Luxury Villas with Lush Tropical Garden – World’s Best Home and Gardens Away from Home

Thailand is among the top tropical paradise destinations in Asia and in the world, and luxury villas make the holidays more awesome and fabulous especially for the lifestyle and high-end travelers. Among the top luxury villas are Ko Samui villas with lush garden as top features.


depositphotos_46744133_s-2015Besides being on prime locations, luxury villas are always on secluded beaches. The surrounding is quiet and always away from the noise. There are also Ko Samui villas beneath hillsides foliage that allow beautiful landscaping for top attractions of individual garden for every bungalow or unit. Some have large pools while others allow guests to enjoy private swimming with top of the line deck spa pools or infinity pool overlooking the beautiful Ko Samui beach. Luxury villas for rent in Ko Samui is typical connecting bungalows or detached villas with tropical garden.

With great views

Most of the villas are with modern structures and always with terrace or balcony for private consumption of the beautiful sunset and the sea. The beautiful surrounding is matched with beautiful interiors that are usually of Balinese unique architecture and designing. Ko Samui Villas usually combine modern and traditional designing where modern furniture is dressed up in Balinese decors and fabrics like Batik, carvings and metal crafts. Guests enjoy fabulous views while sipping wine or quietly relaxing with a partner after spending wonderful daytime at the beach. Luxury Ko Samui Villas are also good as temporary housing for wedding entourage and for hosting business or group parties because of the great and spacious surroundings

Fabulous facilities and services

Luxurious pool villas are with individual units and each unit is provided with amenities like parking area, in-house restaurants, free wifi and en suite bathrooms. In-villa services include pampering massage and spa, gym and wellness activities and sports activities. A private butler and chef are available by request so that guests enjoy variety of Thai and international meals. There are also Thai villas that offer cottage-style accommodation with abundant tress and lush walkways. Staying on this cottage-style accommodation is to experience fabulous and high-end living.

Not all vacation is the same and a frequent traveler knows that. A perfect vacation doesn’t happen without a perfect accommodation and perfect accommodation doesn’t happen by accident, too. Luxury villas are results of hard work, passion and dedications of people who firmly believe that Thailand is the best place for the world’s best homes and garden away from home.

For a perfect getaway in Thailand is a luxurious accommodation. Book a villa with

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