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aboutusWe are a group of ordinary travelers out to disprove the upscale tag of Europe travels. We’re here to prove to everybody that anyone can pick up his bags and plan his trip, and go to any place in Europe even with little money in his pocket.

We’ll be telling everyone how to do it.

Europe is a beautiful place and each member country has its own to offer. From east to west, from south to north there are places of interest that are not only for the delight of one’s eye but for the souls to get inspired and mind to get moved.

We’ll be taking everyone there by sharing how we have seen Europe. How it is for the real thing and where to find accommodation with great services while spending less. We’ll be here to tell what is the cheapest way to a unique European adventure like a day in the Alps or a romantic night in France or Italy.

We’ve have done it before so we’re sharing to everybody how it’s done.

Read it here as we write travel articles with form and substance that make travelers see, feel and experience the real things in Europe travel.

Travel Europe and we’ll be here at your service.

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