Delectable Cypriot Cuisines Every Tourist Must Try

A family vacation in Cyprus will not be complete and more fun without trying a few of the traditional Cypriot delicacies and dishes. If delightful Cypriot food is what you’re looking for, there a lot of food delivery in Nicosia that every tourist must try.


In Cyprus, you can discover just about any kind of local food as well as international franchises, however it is recommend that while in Cyprus, you try what the locals eat since its fresh and very tasty.  You can always order food online and share the delightful Cypriot dishes with your family and friends. Bread is always baked daily while vegetables and fruits are freshly picked. Vegetables, grains and pulses are a huge part of the Cypriot food.  Cheese olives, goat’s milk, potatoes, wild greens, capers, herbs, and nuts form the foundation of many Cypriot recipes.

If you are new to Cypriot cuisine and you are going on vacation to the country, you are in for a treat, as there are various food delivery in Nicosia that you can count on. Below are some of the favorite Cypriot cuisines to try on vacation for any newbies.

  1. Meze – One of the preferred Cypriot foods to order for a group is meze. Cypriot food is all about sharing with family and friends and meze is the ideal food for this purpose. Mezze includes various vegetables including tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, roasted eggplant, roasted asparagus or bell peppers
  2. Halloumi – Traditional Cypriot halloumi from goats, cows, and sheep is unlike any other. The grilled cheese is sweeter and richer in flavor and it goes perfectly with some olives or bread drenched in olive oil. Online food ordering that includes halloumi is popular in Cyprus.
  3. Souvlaki – If you are not feeling all that daring and adventurous, you might want to try soulvaki. It is a popular fast food in Cyprus consisting of vegetables and tiny pieces of meat grilled on a skewer. It’s typically served with grilled bread, or on a dinner plate with fried potatoes, or in a pita wrap with sauces and garnishes.
  4. Moussaka – One of the favorite value for money dishes is moussaka. It is a normally eggplant and baked lamb casserole covered with a thick coating of grated cheese and bechamel sauce that becomes golden brown and crusty when baked.

Cypriot cuisine, particularly food delivery in Nicosia, is so incredibly varied, fresh and tasty. Cyprus had been occupied by numerous nations, with bundles of impact on its food from the Arab world and a lot more. You should never miss to try some of these local cuisines when you spend a holiday in Cyprus.

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