3 Interesting Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

A new year may have started but the COVID-19 Pandemic is far from over. While many industries grapple with the impact of the coronavirus in various industries, the tech world seems to be growing even stronger as people shift to the virtual world. As a result, app developers in Australia are now experiencing a surge in demand as businesses try to improve their presence online.

Since the birth of the smartphone, application development has become a staple in the modern lives of people.  According to Statista, close to 3 million apps can be downloaded in Google Play Store while there are over 4 million apps on Apple App Store. Furthermore, over 100,000 new Android apps are released every month. The pandemic is seen to boost these numbers especially when businesses are looking to claim their rightful spot on the screen of every smartphone user. But why is it important for businesses to consider having a mobile app?

A gateway to digital transactions

2020 introduced new norms and ways of interacting with each other. There are social distancing and contactless payments thanks to the use of apps. While app developers in Australia know this is not something new, using apps for transactions has become popular recently. This is important for businesses who are migrating to the digital world. Mobile apps basically can allow you to transact with your customer virtually via their credit card, PayPal, or online bank account.

A platform for personalized marketing

Out-of-home ads (OOH) have become a staple in advertising be it billboards, posters, or gigantic LCDs. But with people staying at home during coronavirus lockdowns, the opportunity to market a product has shifted to the digital space as well. This includes having mobile apps that become a marketing tool. An app development company can create an app for any business that can offer personalization to customers or users. Apps are more immersive and personal as it is a one-to-one interaction, unlike OOH which targets a wider audience.

A lifestyle companion

Browsing the App Store or Play Store can give you an idea of how vast the library of choices a user has when it comes to filling up their smartphones with mobile apps. Businesses have felt competition in this area and are competing for the attention of the user. A business could consult an app developer in Australia to inject a brand or product into an app that can assist in promoting a certain lifestyle. Companies are creating fitness apps to support people who are into health and fitness. The goes with cooking, photography and other hobbies. For some businesses, the app is not really the product but the tool used by the user to introduce your product based on a certain lifestyle.

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