Finding the Right Heart Doctor for the Best Heart Treatments and Care

Your primary health care provider ensures your overall health, and he may facilitate a referral to a heart specialist, if needed. A general doctor ideally refers patients to a cardiologist in order to examine the heart overall health. Cardiologists also recommend patients to cardiac physiologists who have specialization on cardiac physiology and perform several lab tests in order to diagnose and treat patient with heart disease. Finding the right heart doctor can be confusing to many, and once patients find the right one, it really makes a big difference in winning the battle.


Medicine doctor working with modern computerGenerally, patients with complaints of heart problems are referred by their general doctor to a cardiologist. Seeing a cardiologist Sydney means you’re suffering from heart problem symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain or dizzy spells. The cardiologist often orders testing such as ECG and evaluates the results. They are to treat heart attacks, heart failure, and serious heart rhythm problems such as atrial flutter. They are also involved in cardiac rehabilitation and fitness, and helps heart patients return to full and useful life.  Also part of the training of cardiologists is guiding the care and planning the treatments including atrial flutter treatment with the medical team including nurses and primary health care providers. In order to fully assess and diagnose a heart disease, cardiologists may perform echocardiograms and exercise tests. They may also order other procedures such as cardiac electrophysiology or cardiac catheterization or heart surgery when needed.

Cardiovascular surgeons

Cardiologists don’t operate heart patients and only cardiovascular surgeons can perform surgery to repair damages caused by cardiovascular diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system involving the heart and the blood vessel. Cardiovascular surgeons perform different heart operations including coronary bypass, aneurysm repair, heart valve repair and replacement and surgery on the blood vessels including the Aorta. Cardiovascular surgeons are only part of the surgery team and the others members are cardiovascular anesthesiologist and perfusionist. Only when a cardiologist after evaluating patients’ cardiac eletrophysiology tests sees there is a need for a heart surgery, he will refer patients to a cardiovascular surgeon for the prompt operation or heart surgery.

The search for the right heart doctor should not end in getting referral from the primary care doctor but to seek several qualified specialists, and ask for second or more opinions. Finding the right specialist is getting the best care, treatment and most of all saving your heart.

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