Landscape Design Down Under

Australia is the only nation that is also a continent; it is as geographically diverse as it is multicultural. And, because of this multiculturalism, it is no wonder that landscape design is a thriving industry in this part of the world. With landscapes and seascapes of varying beauty, landscape artists and designers have a lot of things to work with.



Landscaping is any activity that takes careful consideration of the various features of the land, and modifying in such as way so as to enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings. It is considered both an art and a science primarily because you need to have certain knowledge in horticulture as well as the imaginative streaks of an artist.

Design inspiration

Inspiration for a variety of landscaping designs can come from different sources. For example, the beautiful garden design northern beaches of Australia combine the fertile nature of gardens and infuse that with the fun and sunny elements of the beach. Common sense will tell you that you can never really grow a garden in a beach. Yet landscape artists have continuously pushed the boundaries of design.

Such landscape design inspiration can be daunting, to say the least, because there will be a lot of challenges in its development. Not only is a beach environment the wrong place to integrate the nutrient-rich soil requirement of a tropical garden, it also sound unwise.

Yet, being artists means going the unconventional route.

Designing landscapes for private homes

Without necessarily pushing the envelope too far, some Aussie designers have instead opted to be more subtle in their designs. Instead of creating a lush garden in the beach, they work with homeowners in the creation of swimming pool design north beaches.

These swimming pools effectively take the beautiful scenery of the beach into their design. By carefully constructing the pool to seamlessly merge with the horizon, designers are able to create the illusion that the pool is continuous with the sea. And with an overcast sky, the scene is nothing short of spectacular.

Other landscape design artists prefer playing with different ornamental plants in re-mapping the landscape. Palm trees and other plant species are strategically placed all around the backyard to create one continuous sensory treat.

A beautifully designed landscape is truly a marvel to behold. These pieces of natural architecture are bound to evoke pleasant feelings that will be remembered for a long time.

It’s no wonder what a landscaped outdoor can bring to a certain property, if you want more inspirations, visit

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