Men’s Health Tips

Sexuality is not anymore a censored agenda in a lot of social stages. It is spoken out loud in public and awareness is spread throughout every individual. It is being brought out to even young children who will have questions about differences in sex. It is also wise to consider educating the young as early as possible as disease does not prefer the old over the young.

mens-healthManliness is usually being related to the sexual capacity of a man. The less sexually active you are, the less manly society knows you to be. This makes impotence one of men’s largest and worst enemies. The inability to produce reproductive fluid is not something to take lightly and as a joke. This can signify different things like diseases and body problems. This will show less production of semen and the inability to impregnate women.

There is a difference between infertility and the inability to produce semen. Infertility is that the amount of semen is still significant but the sperm count has decreased. This can be caused by old age, disease or the extensive abuse of the testes. Though this is still a serious concern, this is highly different from the inability to produce semen. The inability to produce semen is usually caused by low testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body that affects a lot of body parts not just the sex organ alone. The lack of testosterone can result to decreased strength, decreased muscle to fat ratio, tender breasts and reduced erection or sexual activity. The decrease in testosterone levels can be caused by aging or disease. If aging does not coordinate with your decrease in testosterone levels then treatment might be required. There are a lot of low testosterone treatment in the market, if the cause of the abnormal decrease cannot be eliminated then you need to supply the needed testosterone of the body artificially. You can use gels or solutions applied to the skin, which the body will absorb, pellets, patches and injections.

While a lot are having problems of low testosterone levels causing delayed arousals, there are also other people who are having premature arousals. This is a common problem for people whose organs produce too much than what is needed, this is not a problem though and is commonly normal. The solution to this are premature ejaculation tips that will help you last longer. The most effective way is by manipulating your sexual organs. Simply apply pressure on the area between the anus and scrotum, this is the location of the prostate gland and can be simply manipulated. When nearing arousal, slowly pull down your scrotum. As soon as it rises, you will already ejaculate. Last but not the least, practice and consultation, regular practice will help your body adjust.

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