Personal Emergency Alarm for Elders: Get Alarmed

A personal emergency alarm system is a home device that connects an elderly individual to a 24/7 customer care service. The mechanism is basically a push button that is pressed by the user in case attention is needed. Transmitter alarms for elderly are typically worn as wristband, neck pendant or separate machine positioned in an accessible place near the adult. When the button is pushed, the call center staff will evaluate the situation quickly and decide whether to call a family member, relative, nurse or send an ambulance.caremate2

The elderly personal alarm is an excellent device for adults who are at risk of falling at any part of the house due to heart conditions and other ailments. This tool is not suitable for adults who are experiencing dementia because they may not know how to push the button during an emergency. Therefore, be aware of your loved one’s condition before buying the device.

There are features and details you should check before purchasing the kit. Here are important factors to look for:

Product and service warranty

The product must go with a reliable service warranty so that in any case the device bugs down, you can avail of repair or replacement without any charge. This feature will help you save money from buying a new one.

Free trial periods

A free trial period is beneficial to both family members and user because this is a test if the tool is helpful for the elderly’s condition. Through the simulation of a vital call, you can determine how quick the response is. From here, you can decide whether or not to continue with the purchase.

Readily available customer service

In case of a problem related to the use of the equipment, customer service is necessary. Therefore, check with the company if they provide a helpdesk that operates 24/7. This feature allows immediate attention to any problematic situation.

Easy-to-understand pricing plans

There are various payment options that can be availed when purchasing an emergency alarm kit or alarms for elderly device. When choosing a company, check on the simplicity of their pricing plans. This means that rates be affordable and that payment terms are convenient for the owner.

Alarms for elderly are considered a good investment because this device can save the life of your loved one. One great thing about a personal alarm is that you save a lot of money if you would compare the expense you need pay in an elderly institution.

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