How a Hotel Regained my Trust by Responding Quickly to a Leak Emergency

I’m an avid traveler who loves hotels more than anything else. With my years of experience in traveling and the number of places I’ve been, I only want the best of the best. Australia has been my destination for a lot of my travels, and I’ll tell you, they don’t disappoint. But recently, I had shower sealers to come over to my hotel room to fix my bathroom’s shower.leaky_shower3

Disaster to a minor inconvenience

What I thought to be a very long period of disaster is actually just a very short one. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a disaster, perhaps a minor inconvenience. Leaky showers are a pain to see and even experience, that’s why I’m so thankful that it got responded really fast.

I called the management really fast as soon as I notice the problem. Typically, Australian based hotels have very high-quality bathrooms. That’s why I’ve never thought about this to happen, but anyways, they sent a staff real quick to assess the situation.

They concluded that we need immediate assistance from waterproof shower providers as they are also proficient when it comes to fixing shower leakage.

To my surprise, the service providers came by really quick and fixed everything without giving me too much hassle. I really thought that this experience would end up to be a disaster but props to the hotel management team, as they did a very good job. The service providers also deserve to be commended for their fast response time.

Trust and rating review increased

Shower sealers did more than just a great job as they made my stay in Australia a pretty memorable one. I actually thought that my trust for this certain hotel would drop, but in reality, it skyrocketed into many heights. Big respect for responding well to my request, really did show how professional they are.

I would for sure give this establishment a very high rating on their platforms to show more and more people about how their capability to have a job well done.

For the company who has done the procedure on the leakage, I’m pretty sure they had a very long history and a hefty amount of experience on becoming shower sealers. It didn’t take them long enough to get through the building, considering that Australia is such a very busy place, this is an amazing feat.

Australia has indeed a lot of things to offer, and mostly, it is the people that have the greatest value the most. The way they value time is also something Australians can be proud of.

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