How to Have Your Dream Vacation on a Budget

Many people postpone a needed vacation with the thought that it’s just an unnecessary expense. However, for the ones who have been travelling for quite some time now, they say that the expense is all worth it because of the unforgettable experiences that they bring back home with them. However, did you know that it is now possible for you to travel on budget where you could even get to stay in the best Bali villas? If you are curious on how to get this done, the first thing you need to know is how to save on accommodation. Here are some useful tips that could let you save on hotel room rates:

Be flexible about the date

villa-1088193_640Generally, hotels slash off their rates during the off-peak season, the best villas in Bali included. Instead of visiting a country during the times when these are flooded by tourists, move your travel date at a time when people are not likely to visit. This will cut down your hotel room rate. You might even be able to book hotel suite at a very desirable rate.

Consider the location

Most hotels near popular tourist sites will charge higher hotel room fees. It’s because people want the convenience of lesser travel time to these places. In comparison, the villas in Seminyak that are somewhat out of the way will be charging lesser fees. You can stay in these if you really want to save on costs. If you’re afraid that you might get lost, don’t be – that is what maps are for. You can even use the powerful Google maps. It’s pretty easy to find your way around a foreign country with the help of these things nowadays.

Be open to other alternatives

So, you might have seen this luxury Bali villas that you really wanted to stay in. However, the rates are pricier than the nearby hotels. If your aim is to save, then book one of the cheaper hotels around it. It’s a compromise if you want to be able to travel and do it on a budget.

Use credit card offer

Many banks now offer awards to their customers. Sometimes, they will give you a free stay in Seminyak villas if you earned enough reward points. Take it as a cue to visit Indonesia.

You deserve to have a break

As you can see, there are ways by which you can save on Bali villas. Why travel? It’s because you deserve to have the luxury of having a vacation.

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