Looking For Outdoor Adventure, Here Are the Reasons to Get It from Slovenia

Everyone loves adventure and particularly you might be in the process of looking for a destination. You have all the reasons to seek outdoor adventure in Slovenia for a real experience of what adventure and fun is like. Slovenia, a country with beautiful serene landscape found in Central Europe offers a great deal of sporting environments and adventurous landscapes like no other. Most of the regions in Slovenia can accommodate adventure seekers who are after any type of fun activity, be it hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, skiing or rafting among other fun activities. The country offers many great adventurous experiences than its size can suggest.

slovenia_hikingAre you after skiing, hiking or mountain climbing? Then the northern part of the country is certainly the destination that you are headed for. There are plenty of mountain ranges that offer fabulous adventure for skiers and hikers who are after the tough challenges of mountain activities.

A good number of the Slovenes generally ski during the period between December and March. The good news is that the country has dozens of skiing grounds where you get to enjoy the great skiing experience. Krvavec skiing center is among the top skiing grounds that you also get to meet new charming faces of the Slovenes and make friends. Some of skiing grounds also do have skiing schools to get you started safely.

The west has many streams running from the alpine which strengthen as the waters flow downwards into the valleys. Guess what these streams are best for? You are right, canyoning and rafting. the water streams running down into the valleys gives the great nature of what adventure should be like. the Soca River found on the corners of Trenta valley has a placid beginning and runs swiftly to the south into the |Adriatic Sea as it passes through the Western Slovenia.

There are also paths by lakeside offer ideal and perfect serenity for cycling. For instance, the region around the Bohinj is very ideal for those seeking the cycling adventure. The 4km long alpine lake which found across the Triglav is dominated with a perfect terrain for mountain cycling.

The white breeds of stallions found on the fields of Karst will absolutely run you into amazement should you seek horse riding. Lipica is also enriched with the rare Lipizzaner horses which are snow white in color.

If you are up to mountain climbing, Mt. Triglav which has the highest peak in Slovenia, at 2864m will certainly ignite your mountain climbing passion. Climbing Mt Triglav has been a rite of passage for centuries in Slovenia for as early as the 19th century. Climbing to the old three peaks of the mountain is an expectation for everyone to achieve. You will be overwhelmed by this great culture as you get yourself to the peak.

Without a doubt Slovenia is rich in most of the outdoor activities treasured all over the globe, but the good bit about it is that these activities are especially available in Slovenia. You definitely have all the reasons to travel to Slovenia for these and many more adventurous activities. Book your flights early enough so you get to your destination with less hustles.

Read more about Slovenia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovenia

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