Love for Showering is Best Paired with Maintenance

Getting under the shower in the morning is part of an Australian’s daily morning routine according to a 2019 research from Brighter. It also cited that most of us would take a shower once a day and a quarter of us would go for twice a day (even if we encounter some shower issues like leaks and cracks that may need a shower base repair.) The same article also shared that an average Australian spends up to around 7 minutes in the showerTo make the long story short, we love to shower, especially when the hot and humid season starts to kick in. 

And of course, our love for showering does not come with its own problems and challenges. Because we love to spend time under the shower, it’s unavoidable that signs of wear and tear will soon manifest either through leaky showerheads or cracks in shower trays. It is important not to neglect these signs because if we do, the problem will get worse. We can easily apply ready remedies ourselves by using a shower DIY kit, which can easily seal cracks, grouts, and solve minor issues that crop up.

While leaky shower heads are mostly caused by plumbing issues, cracked shower bases happen when there is a faulty installation of the shower stall or when we overuse cleaning products like bleach which can damage or weaken the surface of shower trays. Of course, shower trays come in different materials like acrylic or fiberglass. They both react differently to cleaning agents, water temperature, and weight. There are also trays that can “flex” when stress is applied. But for most cases, shower tray cracks are quite common and will require a shower base repair.

If left untreated, cracks start to grow and water seepage will occur resulting to water damage in your bathroom flooring. That is why, at the first moment you see a crack, immediately buy a DIY kit and do a shower base crack repair on your own to mitigate the problem. Shower DIY kits are very effective first response solutions, helping you save time, effort, and money. 

It is important not to ignore even the smallest cracks in your shower stall. Remember that your shower stall needs to be waterproof and if a crack begins to emerge, this is an opportunity for water to escape in other parts of your bathroom other than the drain. Pair this issue with a leaky shower head and it’s going to be a total recipe for disaster.  It’s great that we Aussies love to shower but let’s not also forget to do some shower base repairs when we need it.

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Love for Showering is Best Paired with Maintenance, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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