On Hotels and Short Term Accommodations Going Green

Many hotels and short term accommodations in Australia are now embracing the green hotel concept. Apartments and short term accommodations such as villas and single attached houses begin the green concept through garden and landscape construction and therefore become ecofriendly accommodation.

Why do hotels and short-term accommodations turn eco-friendly or go green?

One reason is to cooperate with government efforts to helping and protecting the environment.  While this could mean investing more money as creating garden space or landscape construction is additional operational expenses, in the long run being a green hotel result in more customers as well as saving money as these accommodations use only fuel-efficient products and the introduction of indigenous plants and trees help in improving the air quality and in reducing pollutions and waste products that are harmful to the environment and the population.

Garden and landscape maintenance

hotel_garden2Hotels and short-term accommodation gardens and landscapes provide shade and space for guests’ relaxation and produce plants and flowers that serve as habitat for wildlife. With Australia’s hot climate, gardens and landscapes in these accommodation places are a haven for shade and cool. The landscape and garden installation also mirror the quality of the place from the exterior and a well-maintained appearance is a positive indicator of commitment to the high standard of the facility. It is also usually a good impression of a clean well-maintained garden and landscape that leads to guests’ return visits as well as recommendations. The facility’s garden and landscapes are built by garden and landscaping contractors and the services include designing and planning involving different approaches such as choosing suitable plants, garden structures and maintenance packages like cleaning, collecting waste and disposal and using only eco-friendly means and tools.  The garden construction also deals with the right approaches to horticulture to avoid the emergence of issues such as water supply, energy consumption, use of pesticides and pests’ control.

Landscape and gardens have long term benefits to hospitality places. Garden maintenance may cause additional expenses especially on manpower and labor however there are landscape and garden installation companies that allow hospitality businesses to have beautiful gardens and landscapes and outsourcing garden and landscape construction makes the task easier for the management. These companies have entire service packages from designing, planning, building, and maintenance lifting much of the burden from the managers. These providers of garden and landscapes make everything hassle-free and allow the facility to have an aesthetic atmosphere and provide shade, cool and space for guests’ relaxation and entertainment.

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