Parkes, NSW – A Place Where You Can Say Your Home

As a businessman, your purpose of going to Parkes may be purely business, but this won’t deters you of breaking the monotony. You can actually make a happy and fun time after your business meetings and explore the place. When done scouting for best motels Parkes, you may also take your bucket list of what to do afterwards.

The Elvis Festival


If there is one thing that Parkes’ has to boast of other than that what the town is known for, it would be the annual celebration of the “King of Rock and Roll” festival. Although, the late Elvis Presley may have gone for more than 3 decades to count, his contribution to the music industry is still remembered. That is why many luxury accommodations and best motels Parkes are readily available to house tourists attending the festival.

Each year, the annual Elvis Presley festival’s attendance is vastly increasing from the time it started in 1993. Since there are countless Elvis Presley fans from Australia and other parts of the world, they always anticipate this celebration and book for Elvis Festival accommodation Parkes even as early as three months to avoid being ran out of a place to stay on.

Summer peak

For businessmen who are traveling to Parkes during the festival and who happened to have a longer stay, it’s best to reserve your accommodation ahead of time because at this season when it’s peak. Although, there are best motels Parkes that are offering equally fair accommodation that hotels may have, it’s most recommended to have booked earlier so you have better choices.

Since tourists and businessmen alike flock in Parkes not merely because of the Elvis Presley festival, truth is that Parkes has lots to offer. When the festival is over that lasts for five days, you may opt to explore other landmarks and attractions. Besides, it is in this place where the world’s famous “Dish” can be seen. You may also go for some arts discovery at the Henry Parkes or find the modern mining trail that’s part of Parkes’ history.

Parkes’ accommodations

It is during summer that tourists really double in number in Parkes. Hence, a businessman traveling in this part of New South Wales with mixed purpose – leisure and business, must take seriously when reserving for an accommodation. However, if you opt for some quiet space that’s a bit far from the crowd or festival venues, considering a lesser luxury accommodation Parkes is still a good choice.

Every travel requires a comforting accommodation. When Parkes is your next trip, go for

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