Safety Equipment on Brisbane’s Streets

Safety has always been a priority of all local Australian governments. All you need to do is check out Brisbane and see what we mean. Speed bumps, site perimeter or barriers and other protective equipment for civil construction are all made available by skid steer hire Brisbane companies.

The great thing about these materials and equipment is that they are durable and long-wearing considering that these are merely temporary. This just shows how serious Australia is when it comes to the safety of their citizens. Here are some of those protective gear used when there are civil constructions ongoing in the city.

Speed Humpsspeed_humps

Speed humps on the road are designed to keep vehicles to slow down in certain areas with so much foot traffic such as schools and hospitals. Because of so many going-on, construction areas tend to be very busy with several vehicles – really large ones – moving around. Rubber speed bumps are often used for these

Road Plates

This essential safety equipment from skid steer hire Brisbane companies is used for momentarily covering manholes often dug up during road and building construction as access points for electrical, telephone and gas lines, among others.

Temporary Fencing

There are numerous kinds of fencing that are temporarily put up during construction. There are those large and extremely heavy delineator and /or crash barrier to keep heavy construction equipment within a certain place. These are usually painted bright orange.

Another fencing gear for the workers’ safety is the edge protection, found at the edge of upper floors. This is like the balustrade of a balcony, before walls are put up or floor to ceiling windows are installed.

But, the most common sight for commuters on the ground level is the pedestrian barriers. Some are metal while others are concrete. These direct the foot traffic so that people won’t accidentally enter the construction site. By veering them away from certain parts of the site, they are protected from falling debris or other tools that workers may have unintentionally dropped to the ground.

Sometimes, there are temporary roofing solutions over the walkways as well. These, again, are for the safety of the commuters walking around the construction site.

Interestingly, some of these skid steer hire Brisbane companies also have plant rental such as mini excavators, dumpers, rollers, ramps and so many more. It is, therefore, extremely convenient for construction groups to get everything they need from just one rental agency.

For civil construction works, make sure to get the right and reliable equipments to secure the premises, rent them at

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