Some of the Exciting things to do in Morocco

moroccoIf you are looking forward to a nice time, doing some of the fun stuff, you should travel to Morocco. Morocco is a country in North Africa and characteristically mountainous, with a large portion of the country being a desert. Its largest city is Casablanca with other major tourist destinations such as Fes, Nador, Tangier, Marrakesh among others. Its quite a beautiful scenery to be embraced and most people speak Arabic, French, and Berber languages. So what are some of the exciting things to do in Morocco? From taking Walks, tours, skiing, surfing, hiking, and foods, Morocco has some of the beautiful scenery to enjoy all the activities highlighted.

1. Visiting the Mountains and Deserts

The Morocco’s Sahara deserts are one of the Morocco’s landscapes. And it is one of the best places to be while taking a vacation in this wonderful African Country. You can take walks in the big dunes at Merzouga for the. You can also see the Hammada’ Morocco for Stoney desert. Don’t forget, these landscapes houses some nice people, the Berber who live the nomadic lifestyle. They can teach you to ride the camels, a friend of the desert. Nevertheless, the Berber homesteads are next to the big Atlas mountain ranges. What a beautiful landscape don’t you think? So whats exciting about them? Don’t forget why you are reading this article. Some of the exciting things to do here are things like: climbing the mountains, trekking around the landscapes, interacting with the Berber villagers, among other things you can think of out of the blue. Furthermore, there are other beautiful landscapes to tour. They include the Anti Atlas and the Rif Atlas Mountains, if you can remember from your geography class.

2. Taking walks around and tours to the World-Heritage sites in Morocco

This sites are considered to be the world’s most outstanding Human values. They are normally conserved by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). These sites are found all over the world and UNESCO is in charge of their protection and encourage their popularity all over the world. Morocco has eight of these sites, they include: , Medina of Marrakesh,Medina of Fez, Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, The Historic City of Meknes, Volubilis Archeological site, Medina of Te`touan, Medina of Essaouira, and the Portuguese-City of Mazagan. Furthermore these sites have interesting joints, like the Djemma el Fna which is located centrally in Marrakesh, and Majorelle Gardens that has rare plants with vast colours for those of you who love nature.

3. Entertainment and lifestyle

You can spend time in the Sahara deserts, eat at some of the best cafes, and involve in fun activities like listening to music and dancing. One of the joints in the Sahara is the Merzouga, the Erg Chebbi which is also located around the Marrakesh. To add to the fun, you can access these places using camels, and once you are there you can pass time till the night falls and even spend your night in a tent. The best joints to spend your night is the Auberge Kasbah Tombouctou. This place has a gorgeous landscape and you cant enough of the views, especially the Kasbah itself which has been built with an ancient finish that will blow your mind. Furthermore it has swimming pools, nice suites, and other activities for outdoor experience.

Nevertheless, you can also surf in the town of Taghazoute which is popular for surfing. It has hotels, shops, and other exciting chilling spots around. The advantage of this town is that you can easily access the beaches in the nearby town, Essaouria and Dakhla. Moreover in Morocco there are hotels known as Riads that have been designed to give them that traditional look. They are a perfect place to stay in Morocco, and if you happen to be around the Fez and Marrakesh, ask for them. They have pools so you can swim to cool off when the sun starts to scorch. Good news for those of you who love skiing, Morocco too has some places. One of them is Oukaimeden that is located just south of Marrakesh. If you have noticed, the place to be is Marrakesh. Every interesting place in Morocco is associated with it somehow.

Finally, just to round it all up, you now know some of the exciting things to Morocco. It is a beautiful, and a charming country to tour. Therefore if you travel to Morocco don’t forget to visit the Casablanca for gorgeous buildings like the Hassan II Mosque, the mountains and deserts to ride on a camel and get to interact with the villagers there, the beaches to surf and bask on the sand, the heritage sites with the Marrakesh taking the central stage, the Djemma el Fna for delicious Moroccan foods, and many more.

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