Suggestions on how to enjoy Europe

A Europe trip is an ultimate experience for any world traveler and to get this ultimate experience, here are some suggestions to make your European trip a real dream come true.

1. Take cooking lessons in France

Let a cooking class in France be one of the highlight in your France tour. You can choose a Parisian cooking school that accept small classes for short French cuisine and enjoy French cooking when you return home. There’s nothing more to turning your Paris good times in  very productive ways. You’ll learn a lot about French cuisine, wines and table serving.

2. Live in a Tuscan Village while in Italy

alpsEnjoy quiet rural life in a Tuscan Village in Italy and experience how slow pace and green surroundings gives you the needed peace of mind, or the inspiration and the time to rejuvenate tired body as well as tired spirit. There are plenty of choices, one bedroom or 3-to 4 bedrooms with breakfast and services that will not drain your wallet.

3. Take your summer holiday in Greece

Let the warm sun and climate while enjoying the ancient ruins in Greece make your summer vacation unforgettable. Learning the history as well as getting inspiration is one of a kind experience and you’ll get them all in your Greece summer holiday.

4. Play your favorite casino games in Monte Carlo

Enjoy life by playing casino in Monte Carlo. This small principality of Monaco offers high living and a few hours in the slots or in the blackjack table in any of its high-class casino is certainly an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

5. Enjoy the Alps

Let the awesome winter holiday spices your winter memories by visiting the Swiss Alps or the French and any Scandinavian country like Norway and Netherlands. Europe’s winter is considered the most wintery where everything seem to be covered with fluffy and white snow and in addition you’ll get the best ski experience as Europe is known for its ultimate ski adventures.

6. Witness and see the Northern lights in Norway

One of the best places to experience and witness the northern lights or the Aurora borealis is in the northern coast of Norway.  Time your vacation in late Autumn or early spring and places in Norway like Lofoten Islands and the North cape offer jaw-dropping experience watching this mystical Aurora borealis or the northern lights.

There are still many ways to enjoy your Europe trips and planning it right before packing your bags will simply make you get the most of it

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