The Best Travel Tip: Stay in an Apartment When You’re Traveling!

Before I give you reasons why you should rent a short stay serviced accommodation Sydney than book a hotel room for your vacation, let me introduce myself and my circumstances.

I’m a single mother of four, the oldest is in high school and the youngest is a talkative five-year old. I work hard for my kids. No absence, no tardiness, no long offs expect weekends. But, I was forced to get a two-week vacation leave just last month, all expenses paid.

My boss knew I would refuse so she booked one of those furnished studio apartments Sydney without consulting me. All I had to do, she said, was tell my kids about it, pack our bags, get on a plane and frolic under the summer sun down under.annandale3

My children were ecstatic, of course. It was our first real vacation and it was abroad! And I was very happy to see them that way.

Anyway, I explained to them that we were on a budget holiday but we’ll try and have fun, nonetheless. I also told them not to expect too much of the place where we’ll be staying in for two weeks. It’s the best budget accommodation in Sydney, my boss assured me, but I knew it’s not some posh hotel in the middle of the city with nice room service or a convenience store nearby.

Oh how wrong I was!

It wasn’t a hotel, true. But it was posh. When we got off the cab, I asked the driver if he brought us to the right place. He said he did. The only time I believed him was when I saw the elegant signage near the doorway.

It wasn’t a hotel but it was smack in the middle of the city. And looking around in that block alone, there were several other short stay serviced accommodation Sydney as well.

It wasn’t a hotel, yes. But it had a convenience store beside it and a nice local coffee shop nearby too. And was I happy! For the life of me, I can’t make a good cup of coffee at home so I’ve always gone to a Starbucks before I went to work.

But this is the best thing of all:

It was not a hotel. However, they practically offered the same services that a hotel would like changing your towels daily (if you prefer) or bringing your meals to your apartment if you didn’t get to cook.

And did I mention that short stay serviced accommodation Sydney is way cheaper too? Thanks to my boss for that wonderful vacation ever.

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