The Marguerite Route: Touring Denmark by Car

If you love driving a lot, you can make it the center of your tour activity of Denmark. Go to a car hire company and select the car that will suit your travel needs. Now it’s time to start a long but enjoyable ride in one of the most beautiful roads you will ever see, the Marguerite Route. It covers 3,600 kilometers of scenic roads highlighted by over a hundred attractions. The route is actually very easy to follow, as you will be guided by road signs that are brown in color and decorated with the aptly named Marguerite daisy. To make it even easier, tourist maps also indicate this route.

danmarkschoolIt is interesting to note that the aforementioned daisy is Queen Margrethe II’s favorite flower. The famous route was formally opened on 21 April 1991. Also called the Daisy Route, it is a long drive that connects 14 different roads. Some attractions along the way will cannot be seen through a regular tour package. In addition to the major attractions, there are rarely visited spots mixed with small cities and unique places. You will pass through Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg, Zealand, Funen and Jutland.

Marvel at the sight of the Kronburg castle. One of Northern Europe’s most significant castles of the Renaissance period, this castle is located in Helsingor. By the way, Kronburg, or Kronborg, is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Next, visit the best preserved water castle of Renaissance Europe, the Egeskov castle. The Dybbol Mill is also another point of interest along the route. This mill is considered a national symbol because of its location’s historic significance. The Dybbol Mill is a monument to the Battle of Dybbol. Stop by the town of Billund and visit Legoland, the original theme park of the world famous toymaker.

You will notice that the road will never go full circle, ensuring that you will not see the same spot again. Every now and then, the road goes along the country’s beautiful coastline. You will definitely be happy about your decision to get a billeje Danmark.

It is also interesting to know that the roads in Denmark are well taken care of, so you can be sure that driving between the country’s cities will not be difficult. Danish drivers are well-disciplined even with the road rules. They tend to assert their rights and may not be as courteous when it comes to road right of way.

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