Thinking of Vacation; Plan a Trip to Hamilton

Travelling to Hamilton is a thrilling experience. It would be more exciting to acquire car hire service. Traveling by car is easy since State Highway 1 runs across the city. You will just drive south from Auckland or north if you’re in Taupo or Rotorua. car_hire_nz1

Hamilton is the country’s fourth largest city and part of the Waikato region. There are many tourist attractions such as the Hamilton Zoo. You can also visit the Waikato Museum and Hamilton Gardens.

Further, the biggest attraction would be the Hobbit Movie Set from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. You can take a two-hour tour around the set making it a magical experience. As such, if your family is planning to go to Hamilton do try car hire in Auckland, as this would be an easier way of transportation. You will get to see the scenic views driving all the way across to Hamilton. More importantly, it’s a great way to bond with the kids.

On one hand, if you’re way up north, you can opt for car rental in PalmerstonThe drive may be a bit longer but it will certainly worth the trip, as there are many fun things to do in Hamilton.

A car hire will help you get around easily such as going to surf areas. This is located in Raglan that has beautiful beaches. It also has a growing local art scene that you may want to check out. Furthermore, you can go to Waitomo and take a boat ride to see the underwater geography. A trip to Hamilton is certainly an outdoor adventure wherein one can go cycling, zipling and black-water rafting. It also has numerous walking and hiking trails that showcase the natural scenery of Waitomo.

With car hire, you can also travel to the southeast part of Hamilton and visit the Maungatautari Ecological Island reserve. The area is a forest that houses different types of plant and flower species. It would certainly be an educational and fun trip for the whole family, as one learns about the self-sustaining forest.

But, if you just decide to be in the city, your family would surely appreciate the nature walks across the Waikato River. There are also numerous themed gardens that you can bask in the sun. The city also offers a hot air balloon ride wherein you can see the scenery from a different angle. The city also has a spectacular nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants and cafes. Your family will surely be entertained with an unforgettable trip to Hamilton.

When traveling to Hamilton with your family, renting a car is no doubt more beneficial. So, when considering traveling to NZ three months from now, book in advance with for more savings.

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