Traveling Norway – Try Bergen For A Wonderful Holiday

If you want to explore Norway, then that is going to be a great deal of experience for you! Yes, not everyone gets the opportunity to travel to this country. In fact, Norway is one of the most expensive countries a tourist can visit today and deciding for a trip or a vacation here will definitely make your friends feel jealous.

norwaysceneryNorway comes with a good number of tourist attractions. For instance, if you love partying, then Oslo will surely give you lots of it. Oslo is also known as the Norway’s capital city so you are assured that it does not only offer partying all night but more for you to see during the day. And have you ever known that the city is also known as the party capital of Norway? Now you already have an idea on which place to go when partying is all you want during your stay.

Next Stop – Bergen

Going around the country is best experienced when you drive your own car. However, if you are tourist then having your own car isn’t possible. With car hire (bilutleie) companies scattered everywhere in the country, getting around is simply made easier for you. With a car, you can go anywhere you wish to go. And if your next stop is in Bergen then you are truly on your way towards one of the most popular destinations in Norway.

Bergen is a magnificent and enticing city with seven hills circling it. If you’re traveling with a Eurail pass then Bergen is an excellent place to stop for you. Bergen is wealthy of fantastic museums and is populated with friendly and accommodating inhabitants. And if you want to experience one of the best train journeys in the world then you should not forget including the Bergen-Oslo Railway in your travel itinerary.

Things You Can Do In Bergen

If you want to experience and immerse yourself in Norway’s culture then you can just take a stroll elsewhere. In the summer, watching the sun go down is truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience. The downtown area of Bergen is also packed with museums like the Art Museum of Bergen and The West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts where Chinese decorative arts are mostly found. Don’t forget the House of the King, too.

Shopping In Bergen

By hiring a car in a leiebil Bergen company, you can speed your way to the best shopping destinations for bargains and local treats in Bergen. Bergen’s Fisketorget or fish market is also a must-visit place you shouldn’t miss.

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