Why Hotels Benefit from having their Staff Wear Name Badges

dandy_hotelHotel and accommodation providers know how important nameplates are. These plastic badges are not only pinned or hanged just to decorate uniform’s lapel or neck. It is a way to help hotel’s guests get the kind of services they’re entitled to.

Plastic badges are for identification purposes. Since hotels have organization hierarchy, it is important for each employee to wear something that would identify their titles. Engraved name tags pinned neatly on the lapel of their staff’s uniform help guests identify the person they’re dealing with. The title or designation on the plate will ensure if they’re talking to the right authority to help them resolve accommodation issues like request for room change or room upgrade. Since each name plate has the name of the wearer’s department, it is easy for hotel guests to ask for help on the specific issues involving a specific inquiry. With correct information, confusion and miscommunication are greatly avoided.

Besides identification purposes, plastic badges are worn by hotel employees and workers to make them proud of the department they’re serving. Staff involved in the wine and liquor section would be proud to wear its logo when it’s the prime attraction and service of the hotel. Those magnetic name tags on their lapels are proud badge for their skills and talents as well. Hotel receptionists would be happy to wear their name plates as the first persons to ask for information. These badges help create sense of importance among employees in the hotel organization.

Hotels using name badges for work is also helping guests create positive response not only for services but also on the efficiency and on being responsive of their staff on their concerns.  Since they can clearly identify one from the other, guests can easily pick on a certain staff for special services like private housekeeping and food service. This of course will lead to regular patronage or loyalty from the guests who are accustomed to good services of the hotel staff. It can also lead to recommendation where hotels can truly benefit. The badge that is hanged on their neck clearly serves as a cost-effective promotional tool for the hotel.

In order for hotel and accommodation companies provide unforgettable hotel experience must use every tool that will enhance positive response from their guests. A team that is well-identified and proud to wear the hotel logo on their uniform is without doubt the unbeatable tool to attain such goal. It’s time for hotels’ management to put more shines on the badges they’re wearing and keep brimming with pride while serving every guest.

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