Why Make Booking Accommodation Hard When You Can Do it Easy and Effortless?

Bangkok is among the most visited cities in the world and top favorites of trendsetters. Many had considered it as a home away from home especially those who had stayed in Koh Samui accommodation because of the homey experience and the best services. But, if you’re a first timer, you need to book your Thailand hotel before your arrival for the simple reason, you won’t catch the best room as sales go quick, and you end up having second rate accommodation.

Top range hotels

depositphotos_29369771_s-2015Top range hotels have big rooms, big comfortable beds, and well-equipped facilities like gyms and big swimming pools with sun beds. Most are with gardens with green plants and waterfalls and beautifully situated with breathtaking ocean or hillside and cliff views. If you’re reserving for top range hotels or Koh Samui accommodation, book at least three weeks in advance if you’re on short trip. Do it a few days before your arrival when you’ll be staying longer. Booking a few hours before showing up is advantageous during lean season as hotels are crazy over booking. Do this after you’ve researched the location, the neighborhood and rates. Go to your preferred booking sites and narrow down the options. Once you have decided on your Bangkok accommodation, take some time to read on reviews before booking. It helps in confirming your decision.

Mid range hotels

Mid range hotels are usually near public places and short walks from public transportation. Some have rooftops and offer standard rooms, comfortable beds and modern interiors. Some have restaurants or near rows of restaurants. Mid range Koh Samui accommodation is usually near food stalls and entertainment places like bars and nightclubs. You can book in advance or a few days before your arrival as rates stay fixed even during peak seasons but do it on your preferred booking sites as mid range hotel enjoy booking relationship with booking sites. Many Chai Mai hotels are mid-range accommodations so you can have varied options and most are walking distance from many Chai Mai restaurants, clubs, and watering holes and of course the night markets.

Budget hotels

Stay in budget hotels and experience cheap Thailand. It’s easy to find budget hotels in booking sites or book directly with hotel’s site.  Hotels in Thailand especially the budget ones cater to backpackers and those visiting Thailand on as shoestring. You can enjoy cheap clean beds with baths and usually just around the city or places of interests.

One of the mistakes of travelers comes from booking their accommodation. Booking sites are here not for other reasons but to make booking easy and effortless so why make booking hard when you can do it easy and effortless.

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